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My unit is constructed on stripboard and is mounted in a small plastic case. I've used a 15 pin D connector to connect out to the radio, with screened cables to the mini-DIN connectors.

ft817 pc interface inside 600w


Circuit Diagram

Stripboard layout

So far I've used this on RTTY and PSK31. The audio signal to the PC needs its signal level set so that the sound card doesn't get overloaded; most digital interface programs will provide some kind of an indication of that. On transmit the TX audio level needs to be set so that ALC is not registering on the radio TX meter. For the FT817, menu 26 selects which digital mode is used.

I'm using "Digital Master 780" software which is part of the "Ham Radio Deluxe" suite. I haven't got the hang of what to type in which box yet, so it hasn't always gone well - all my doing!

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